Angry Birds : Texture is too large:2048×2048, maximum supported size: 1024×1024


angry birds

How to fix “Texture is too large: 2048×2048, maximum supported size: 1024×1024″ ?

1. Update your display driver. ALso check if any update available for graphic driver.
2. Else install Graphic Drivers if needed:




To know your Display Card’s model name and number, open device manager and expand ‘Display adapters‘

3.Else go to Angry Birds Folder,opne configuration.lua with notepad application and reduce the screen resolution.

Angry Birds : Texture is too large:2048×2048, maximum supported

That’s it ! Hope now you will be able to play Angry Birds! And in case still you have problem do leave comments here!

If you are facing Angry Birds application error :Application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect!
Then head on to this article

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