AVG 2013 now in Windows 8 aavtaar,New UI and Faster scans !


AVG 2013 is just released with a huge update.The whole interface is redesigned to make it look like tiles in Windows 8 Metro UI.According to AVG,the scanning speed has been optimised as well as resource usage is now reduced.The scanning speed of new AVG 2013 is 36% faster as compared to AVG 2012 version.

Few Snapshots of AVG 2013 in New aavtaar !

Advanced settings in AVG 2013 Advanced settings in AVG 2013[/caption]

Updating my AVG 2013 Installation

New features included in AVG 2013 are ..

1.File reputation system :It rates how safe a file is before allowing the user to download the same.

2.Do Not Track Product that actively blocks advertising networks from tracking people online.By doing so you can block access to perosnal information being made available to the advertising networks.

Best part was once done with the installation no restart was required for my Windows 8 PC.Seems like they have tweaked AVG installation part too !

Do checkout  2013 versions of all AVG’s security suites now!

I have installed the  new AVG 2013 on my Windows 8 Desktop.What about you? Which antivirus you are using to protect your Win8 ?

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