BridgeURL : Let's have a tour of several websites in one link!


BridgeURL is a fairly elegant service that accepts a list of links, and spits out a single link. When you click this link, you’re taken to the first website on the list, but it has subtle semi-transparent overlays on both sides.

The left one leads to the previous site on the chain, while the right leads to the next site.

bridge url

There’s also a bottom bar, but it’s fairly unobtrusive. There were no banners or pop-ups as far as I was able to see.( As of I dont have any POP UP blocker or AD BLOCK installed on my terminal) .

What  I felt bit annoying is that  that for some odd reason, it forces you to feed it URLs starting with http:// or https:// – meaning, you can’t write “” or even “”. Other than that, it’s a fairly handy service.


Demo of URL which I created :

Definitely useful  for bloggers who ritually visit few blogs daily!

Sharing is caring ! Hope so definitely you would like to share this service  BridgeURL :)

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