Download Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.9.1 Beta Free!


Want to install a Free Antivirus on your desktop or laptop ? Definitely then you should give a try to “Panda Cloud Antivirus which is free and most importantly lightweight antivirus.

Free Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus is based on new cloud computing concept in which services are provided over Internet and only partially installed on your system and keeps core files on a dedicated server on the Internet. This new antivirus scans files through Internet which makes it very light on system resources. It also doesn’t need regular updating of virus definitions as it automatically updates the virus definitions in the cloud (remote server) and scans your files using PandaLabs Collective Intelligence servers.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Features summary : -

  • Effective antivirus solution for low specs computers & laptops
  • Powerful Malware Blocking and detection (99.4%)
  • Improved detection & protection against rootkits
  • Simple and unique user interface
  • Uses online checks for enhanced protection
  • Almost no system resources needed
  • No updates needed ( needs internet for maximum performance )
  • Ability to restore any neutralized file
  • Free Technical Support forums
  • Free for personal use

Panda Security has released a new beta version 1.9.1 which incorporates a full-fledged community-based firewall which automatically assigns inbound and outbound communication privileges to processes according to their risk level.T

The full firewall automatically assigns inbound and outbound communication privileges to processes according to their risk level. This new module includes the following features:

  1. Application rules for users to specify which programs may access the network or the Internet.
  2. System rules for all programs. Unlike other firewalls, system rules are included in the same screen as application rules, allowing for prioritization between the two sets of rules.
  3. Rule priority for users to configure the order in which rules are applied.
  4. Automatic management of permissions for programs establishing network connections, based on the risk rating assigned by Collective Intelligence:
    • Automatic creation of rules allowing inbound and outbound connections for programs detected as “Safe”.
    • Automatic creation of rules allowing outbound connections for “Low-Risk” programs.
    • Automatic creation of rules blocking inbound and outbound connections for “High-Risk” programs.
  5. Local notifications of connection attempts, and ability to create rules and set permissions from warning messages.
  6. Rule import/export.
  7. Notification in reports of blocked connection attempts.

For existing Panda Cloud Antivirus users ,you will be automatically upgraded to version 1.9.1. If you are not using it but want to give a try, you can download it using following links:

Download Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.9.1 Beta

Download Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.5 Stable

[Download Panda Cloud Antivirus via Panda Security]

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