Gtalklet – GTalk client available for your browsing with Google Chrome


gtalklet gtalk google chrome extension

Gtalklet is an extension for Google Chrome will allow us to integrate this simple and easy to navigate a Google Talk client. The extension adds a simple chat feature at the bottom of the browser window, you can move it to either the left or right side of the browser.The purpose of this extension is to enable get in touch with our friends while we surf different websites, so that the conversation always will have it active.

Currently only provides basic functions, but later added new features, and above all, support other messaging services based on XMPP / Jabber, including Facebook.

Please  note that GTalklet not directly connected to the GTalk servers because it uses BOSH , and therefore the configuration we get to choose the public service with which BOSH servers connect to Gtalk.

Download Gtalklet for Google Chrome.  Via Addictive Tips and Arturo Goga 

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