How to change background image of LockScreen in Windows 8?


The new Lock Screen  is one of new features of  Windows 8.Can say the new look of  Lock screen is something resembling to Smartphones.It shows you the battery status,Internet conenction status,birthday notifications,number of Mails recieved and much more details.Moreover the background of Lock screen in Windows 8 is customisable through PC settings.

Lets checkout the following steps  to change lock screen background in Windows 8 Pro version: 

1. Press Win + C to Access Charms Bar.

charms bar in windows 8 PRO

2.Just click on Settings option (at last in above pic) in Charms Bar.

3.Then click on  Change PC Settings  link at bottom of the right-side sidebar.Can refer the snapshot below.

how to change PC settings in windows 8 PRO

4.You would be able to see the Metro Control Panel showing you the lock screen settings page by default,where the lock screen settings page would be shown by default.

5.In Lock Screen Page, you can see Windows 8 Pro comes with 6 built in background images.By default one is the selected one and rest 5 images are given in lock screen settings page for us to opt for.

No need to be disappointed in case if you don’t like those 5 pics to be best as new lock screen background.You can click on Browse button and select any desired image you want.

Recent Update: You can add apps to run in the background and show quick status and notifications even when your screen is locked in Windows 8 Pro.

If in case you want to reset the default background image of the lockscreen and want to revert back to the older one just select revert to defaults option.

That’s all from our end regarding this feature of Windows 8.Would like you to check out the other Windows 8 Pro related articles.

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