How to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 on Same Computer?


Windows 8 Developer Preview was released by Microsoft just a week back.However it was meant only for developers but its open for all to download and try the new ultimate Windows operating system.

If you are planning to install Windows 8 on your computer along  with existing OS  Windows 7 , then lets follow the following steps to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 on same computer.

Lets see How to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 Side By Side :

1.You need to have a New Partition or already existing Partition with minimum 20 GB space altogether.If you are planning to install Windows 8 on already existing partition then do make sure you have backup of the same on other partition or preferably external hard disk.Its always better to play safe than to be Sorry!
If you arent aware of how to create a partition in Windows then do check out this well prepared tutorial click here to proceed.

2.Download and Install Windows 8 Developer Preview now .Following are direct download links to Download and Try Windows 8 Developer Preview:

Download Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64)
Download Windows Developer Preview English, 64-bit (x64)
Download Windows Developer Preview English, 32-bit (x86)

3.Once you have downloaded Windows 8 Developer Preview copy then either you can burn this ISO file to a blank DVD or else you can install Windows 8 using USB pendrive.

4. Before we proceed ahead with installation,don’t forget to make sure that your computer is configure in the BIOS to boot from either CD/DVD-ROM or USB drive, insert the media into the computer, and reboot.

5.You would be prompted to Press any key to boot from DVD,you need to press any key on   your keyboard to continue.

6.Installation process of Windows 8 is similar,almost identical to Windows 7.installing windows8 with windows 7 dualboot installing windows8 with windows 7

7.Now you would be prompted “Where do you want to Install Windows?”.During installation do make sure you are installing your copy of Win 8 exactly in the partition which you had created else you may end up loosing the data of that partition.
Once you are done with selection of partition for Win 8 then  your installation begins.dualboot installation of windows 8 with windows 7

8.Once you are nearly done with installation of Windows 8,your computer would boot several times and then you will be greeted with new totally fresh Windows 8 Welcome Screen.9.During the first boot you would be able to see the following menu,new user interface that lets you choose to launch either Windows 8 or Windows 7.

How to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8

9.If you want to customise  the default operating system then do click on change the default or choose other options.You can now change the default  operating system,change the timer and also select repair tools etc.

windows 8 dual boot with windows 7

So if in case you want to keep Windows 7 as default Operating system and want to use Windows 8 just for trying purpose then you can change the boot loading options as shown in above snapshot.

That’s All ! Hope you have sucessfully installed Windows 8 Developer Preview along with Windows 7 on your computer!t Enjoy Dual boot Windows 8 and Windows 7 on your computer.

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