How to Block, Hide or Remove Windows Live Mail Ads ?


Initially few people like me  hated Hotmail for its  look. But the new aavtar of Hotmail with loads of new features, improved performance etc drew more attention  of me and  many others.

Right now , there are 100 Million users using HotMail. Hotmail is now a strong alternative to GMail — even for seasoned geeks like you and me!

Are you too annoyed by the big vertical billboard  on right side of your inbox : ?

How to remove  ad from your Hotmail inbox  : ?

All you need is the Windows Live Ad Remover Userscript.

Chrome users can simply click the install button at the top of the page.

Firefox users will need to install the Greasemonkey add-on first

Safari users need Greasekit.

Opera users who aren’t sure how to install Userscripts can check this post for help.

Internet Explorer users can try either Trixie or IE7Pro, ( In IE to be true none of them worked for me :(   )

So Hotmail guys, I really DO have a very clean inbox , What about you  ? DO let me know how you block,hide or remove Windows Live Mail Ads?

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