How To Update FaceBook status via iPad,BlackBerry,Nokia OVI without owning them ?


Want to Update Facebook Status or Write on Wall  via iPad,BlackBerry,Nokia OVI ? There are two ways that I came across, they are as follows:

1.There are Applications available on FaceBook which let you do so.Do check out the following links

Update via iPad

Update via BlackBerry

2. We can opt for Free WebService called  StatusVia.

            For PC/Laptop:

            For mobile:       

Go to  the Website.
On website Main page you would be seeing applications like  via Blackberry, via iPhone, via Android, etc. Decide what device you can to update. Once you have opted for say via Blackberry then you will notice  that beside your chosen device are two links: “Update Status” and “Send Wall”.·

o    Update Status – is used to post a status update on your own profile
o    Send Wall – is used if you want to post on your friend’s wall using your chosen device.
After selecting either from those two choices. Click those link will redirect you to the page where you can now type your status update.Once you are done, click Publish.

    That’s All ! You can check now your Facebook profile to see the updated Wall Post or Status!

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