Good news for Opera Browser fans! Now you can install Adblock Plus for Opera Browser


Good news for Opera Browser fans! Popular Adblock Plus plugin till now available only for Google Chrome and Firefox is now available for Opera browser. As of now you will be able to install it from developer’s website.

Once this extension gets approved by Opera,you would be able to install add-on Adblock Plus without following the following tedious process.

Before you try to install this extension,you need to add developers website to Trusted site list and then you can install the extension.You got to do this as Opera doesn’t allow third party extension installation.

To install Adblock Plus in Opera lets follow the steps mentioned below

1. Press Ctrl +F12 to open Preferences in your Opera browser
2. Select “Security” click on “Trusted Websites”.
3. Click Add  & enter the developer’s website,
4. Just click on CLOSE and hit  OK to save the changes.
5. Headon to in Opera and install the extension.

That’s all ! You will be able to install Adblock Plus extension in Opera Browser.

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