Lets checkout how To Install And Uninstall Metro Apps On Windows 8.


Windows 8 Metro UI was very appealing but equally confusing to new users.How to install or uninstall New Apps from Windows 8 Metro UI was slightly confusing and that’s what made me write this post.

Lets follow the following steps to install a app on Windows 8 via Windows Store :

1. Simply Press Windows Key from your Keyboard.

Snapshot of WIndows 8 Pro Metro UI

2. Simply select the Green Colored Tile named Windows 8 Store and that’s all you will be taken to one stop place where you can browse around all the different apps which are ordered by category.

Snapshot of Windows 8 Store

3. Once you select an app that you’re interested in installing in your Windows 8, you’ll be taken to a page providing all the information about that app.
You’ll find detailed descriptions,the price, screenshots, reviews, ratings ,download size and more.

Lets say  if I am interested to install StumbleUpon app in my Windows 8,I”l select the Stumbleupon tile and would be brought to page with detailed description regarding same.

When you’re ready to install the app go ahead and click on install.

4.Once Install begins,you would be able to see Installing StumbleUpon on top right handside of Windows Store.On clicking the same,it will show number of apps being downloaded currently.

As you can see above,currently I have paused downloading of Cut the Rope Game as its setup is of 45MB+ whereas StumbleUpon app was just 2.07MB.Thus you can Pause and Resume the download of Apps in between :) . So no need to keep your Windows running until download and installation of app is complete.

5.Installation of app will be done in Background,though you will get notice inform of  a little notification pop up confirming that the app successfully installed.Also you will be able to see StumbleUpon  Tile in Windows8 Metro UI.

That’s all about installling an app from Windows 8 Store to your Windows 8 Metro UI.

Lets checkout how to uninstall app from Windos 8 Pro for Tablet as well as Desktop users:

Tablet users: Simply swipe a little on the tile of the App that you want to uninstall. Then you’ll be presented with the same uninstall bar as in the screenshot above.

Desktop Users: Simply right-click on the app that you want to uninstall.You will be able to see a bar sliding up from the bottom of screen with option to uninstall the app.

Following is the screenshot:

That’s all from my end.If in case you need any help feel free to leave a comment.If you liked this article do share it among your friends & family !

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