Lets download Raven, the new beautiful browser for Mac


Raven Free Mac browser

Raven is the new browser available for Mac interface free of cost and  helps you to be more productive!In Raven you can view and manage the most popular sites as if they were applications.

raven mac browser

In this Web App Shop  you can see different icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google + YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.).Each application that is installed from the Shop appears on the left bar in the browser and can access all the respective roles of each of them (for example, if you click on the Facebook icon brings up us the news tabs , messages, friends, the Wall and events). When the contents of each of these “applications” is updated, appears Raven reported in a  subtle but noticeable blue light next to its icon in the browser sidebar.

Like any self-respecting browser, we also have the option to classify our favorite web content with Bookmarks (content occasionally) and Bookmarks (websites we visit often). 

So what are you waiting for? Download and try Raven Free Mac browser !

Link: Raven | Via: TheNextWeb

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