Lets See How To Safely Uninstall / Remove AVG Antivirus 2013


After evaluating AVG 2013,I decided to uninstall AVG 2013 from my Windows 8 PC,then lets follow the simplesteps as mentioned below.

1  Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs & Features
2  Select AVG 2013
3  Hit Uninstall button
4 AVG2013 Uninstaller Wizard would appear.
5  Click the uninstall button in the Uninstall AVG section.uninstall AVG 2013

6  A window will appear,where you got to select the checkbox “Remove user settings and Remove virus vault contents”uninstall AVG antivirus 2013

7  Then hit the next button.
8   You would be asked for reasons for uninstalling but thats optional :) Great relief haan!

9 Once again hit the Next button,and in sometime uninstall process will finish.
10 When un-installation is done sucessfully,you will see following message: “AVG anti-virus free edition 2013 has been successfully removed from your computer“.

  • Click on Restart so as to restart your terminal and complete the uninstallation process of AVG antivirus 2013.

 That’s All from our side.Do let us know in case of any queries/trouble you face while uninstalling AVG antivirus 2013 on your Windows 8  PC.

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