Now Create,Manage and Switch easily between Multiple User Accounts in Android Jelly Bean!


Switching across Multiple User accounts was the only feature  missing in  Android Smartphones ! You can now take advantage of Android’s multi-user support by using terminal commands or by using User-Management android app from Google Play.With this app,you can create,rename,delete and switch easily between different user profiles on your phone.

“In a nutshell it allows you to use your mobile device in a manner similar to how you are able to use a PC, where separate user profiles can be created. This makes it perfect for a household where multiple people may use a tablet on a daily basis, or simply creating a profile which allows others to use your phone without accessing certain apps like social networks and messaging,” states the XDA Developers report.

Lets create/rename/delete the user account through User management App:

Prerequisite: You need a Rooted Android 4.1 Jelly Bean now.

Caution:Dont  try to remove your Primary Account with the phone,messing up with the same may end up bricking your Android phone.By the way  developer has already disabled the option for deletion of Primary account.

So as to create a new user account on your Android phone,just type the name you want and hit the “Create” option.Once you will be switching to your new account,you will be seeing a default Home Screen with No Customization in it.

Once when all the users on your device are being listed,you can simply tap on the existing user in the list and then you are provided the options to Remove,Switch to and Rename it.

Usermanagement in Android JellyBeans

If you are opting for Renaming your username,it would require you to reboot your device.

You can switch users right from Power Menu.Why so ? Switching of users must be done via Power Menu not through User Management App as when you are not in Primary account you just  get limited privileges,implies no full root access.

If you  are more interested in coding part and want to checkout what all commands were used by the developer in this app ,then lets checkout @

You can download  User Management (Free)Android App ,available in the Google Play Store@LINK or by scanning the following QR code.

QR Code generator

Source: XDA-Developers forum
Via: XDA-Developers

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