RailRadar :Now you can find Current Location of Indian Railways Trains on a Google Map


Indian Railways have just launched RailRadar on pilot basis, a useful website that shows the current geographical location on real time basis, of any train on Google Maps.

RailRadar™ is a live tracker of Indian Railways passenger trains traffic in real time.

To get started with RailRadar, you caan zoom-in to any location or city on Google Map to see all the trains about to arrive or just departed.Also you can expand the sidebar to search trains by Name,Train Number or by the Station Name.

If you click on a particular train, the map will show the exact  route of the train including all stoppages and the current location of the train on real time basis.The system enables a color code method, where train if running on time,as per schedule is highlighted in blue  marker while the red marker indicate that trains are behind the schedule or are delayed.

When I searched the current Status of Karnavati train , I could see the following details on screen

Snapshot of Rail Radar on Google Maps

On clicking “Check here ..” I was taken to new window where more details about the train was shown.Following is the snapshot

More details of Train on RailRadar

As RailRadar is released on Pilot Basis, it can just spot 6500 rains only  whereas Indian Railways operate more than 10000 trains everyday.

Do check out  Live information regarding Indian Railways Trains @ RailRadar  and let us know regarding same !

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