Top 6 Best Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Facebook Users


Facebook is getting many changes day by day ! Few of the changes are really annoying and now even privacy settings are shitastic. Following are few Google Chrome extensions that would make your experience working with Facebook better and merrier!

1. Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler

How to Disable Facebook New Chat Sidebar

Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler” is a free extension which helps you in disabling the new chat sidebar and return the good old normal chat window back.

2.[How to] Disable Facebook Photo Theater Effect?

Facebook had rolled out the annoying Theater Mode for Photos for most of its  users! Want to get rid of theater mode on Facebook then definitely do install this plugin!

3.[How to]Send Automatic Birthday Wishes


Automate Facebook Birthday Wishes 

The HappyBirthday Chrome Extension allows you to automatically send birthday wishes to your Facebook friends.Wishes are selected from a preset list (totally customizable) and randomly chosen at the time of the friend’s wall post.

Wishes already sent are also notified to you with a non-intrusive browser taskbar notify.

4. Facebook Notifications

Google Chrome extension for Facebook Notifications

Snapshot of Facebook Notifications

This extension adds a  Facebook icon besides address bar and  enables you to check Facebook users notifications without opening website ! When you click on that icon of extension,a small pop up window containing all notifications of your Facebook account would be shown irrespective of whichever site you are surfing.  You can install Facebook Notifications chrome extension here.

5.How to Add Emoticons to Facebook Chat Easily?

Facebook like Yahoo Messenger doesnt have emoticon portal service !Emoticons are smiley faces that are much better than just plain old text !Emoticons can express amusement, happiness, sadness, anger, sadness, shock, mischievousness and even tears.
If you dont want to remember combination of keystrokes from your keyboard for Emoticons then install this Facebook extension and your chat window would be seen like following snapshot:

add facebook emotiocons via GOogle Chrome extension

Snapshot of Facebook chat window after installing Google Chrome Extension

You can install Facebook Emoticons Google Chrome extension here.

6.Lets Zoom Photos in Facebook Without Clicking with Facebook Photo

So as to view fullsize photo in Facebook we need to click on it. Facebook Photo Zoom is an extension for  Google Chrome that enables us to zoom either a profile photo or an album photo without having to click it. After installing Facebook Photo Zoom,just  hover your mouse over the photo and you would be able to see a zoomed photo in  Facebook.

 facebook photo zoom

You can install Zoom Facebook Photo Google Chrome extension here.

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