UC Mobile is an excellent browser from UC Mobile Ltd. and is specially designed for smartphones to bring them high quality internet experience.

UC Web Browser is  one of the most free popular Mobile  phone browser. UC Web Browser  is available for Symbian , AndroidJavaBlackberry and all mobile platforms.

Its great to hear that  UC Mobile which was in Alpha state has now emerged out from the Alpha state and have headed towards Beta Phase .

UC mboile APK for Android

Some of the features  of UC Browser 7.9 for Android are as follows:

  1. The initialization contact surface has not prompted the initialization information
  2. The multi-spot reproduce bypantograph page preservation’s proportion, after restarting, has not remembered
  3. The visit leaps the news video frequency website video frequency, the click video frequency right bottom entire screen button presents the withdrawal phenomenon (IDlili)
  4. The google Pinyin input method cannot input Chinese
  5. Looks up the artwork type to examine the GIF picture, does not have the animation effect
  6. Broadcasts the video frequency on youku, frequently procedure response or collapse *. in the flash downloading process, the click cancels, procedure collapse
  7. When opens the GPS function, opens when UCmobile the condition fence can present the GPS icon to flash (ID: Pursues the dream sea)
  8. ucmobile occasionally the backstage from opens
  9. Thebaidu mp3 search result page typesetting is not artistic, the content is folded the line
  10. When the baidu map loads flash, procedure collapse
  11. Support program duplication content
  12. Optimizes long according to springs the shortcut menu speed (ID:july19902006)
  13. After the QQ entertainment news picture suitable screen reduces, resumes the full size product introduction immediately .

The speed is quick,current capacity province, function entire, supports each kind of different disposition the Android handset. Since the firmware has supported Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 to thank each friend friend continuously to UCMobile the support and the heat.

So lets Download & Install UC Mobile Beta APK Android.

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